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Our goal is simple: to change the way people learn about medicine and manage their health.

Here at INVIVO Communications®, we know that the future of healthcare is moving fast: we’re here to clarify and illuminate healthcare information. From HCPs, to healthcare marketers, to patients, to educators, everyone can benefit from medical science information presented with an eye for design, interactivity, and stunning visuals.

Over the past 17 years our award-winning work has served the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. We create apps, interactive conference booth displays, 3D animation, augmented and virtual reality experiences, serious games, medical content, and more.

Located in Toronto, Canada’s largest tech hub, 3rd largest in North America, and the country’s largest biotech hub, our team works with clients around the world to transform how people think about health.

Our Leadership

  • Reg Bronskill

    Chairman & CEO

    Reg brings over 30 years of experience building value in the experiential communications and technology markets. As Chairman and CEO of INVIVO and the Bronskill Group of companies, he provides strategic business oversight, marketing and organizational guidance.

  • Andrea Bielecki


    As President, Andrea's vision has led INVIVO for over 13 years.

    A proven leader in the field of digital health communications, Andrea is constantly inspired by her clients' scientific breakthroughs and is passionate about furthering their success. As a pioneer in mhealth, Andrea is an agile thinker, active listener and passionate speaker, applying lessons learned across disciplines. Her proven ability to build consensus amongst varied stakeholder groups helps drive even the most ambitious digital strategies forward.

    Andrea's keen eye for talent has resulted in an award-winning team of strategists, artists and developers who share her passion for cutting-edge medical communications. Together they deliver innovative digital strategies and applications that change the way we learn about medicine and ultimately enhance the quality of life.

    In addition to leading INVIVO, Andrea co-founded Spongelab Interactive, our award-winning educational gaming division.

  • Kevin Millar

    Vice President of Production

    With over 16 years at INVIVO, Kevin has overseen the development and production of hundreds of medical animations, patient videos, medical games and mobile applications. Kevin’s commitment to high quality programs, scientific accuracy and mentoring his highly talented team is unparalleled. Kevin holds a B.Sc. from McMaster University and a Master's in Biomedical Communications from the University of Toronto. Adept at both traditional and digital techniques, Kevin gained Certification as a Medical Illustrator in 2007, and continues to be an active professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI).

  • Patti Rempel

    Vice President of Sales & Marketing

    Patti applies a holistic approach in envisioning solutions that transform the learning of science through the use of technology and visualization. She brings over 15 years of business leadership in healthcare communications, on both the agency and client side, across such therapeutic categories as neurology, immunology, virology, oncology, respiratory and medical devices. Her scientific acumen, digital expertise and understanding of clients’ business needs are what help develop initial conversations into industry-leading innovations, establishing enduring and productive partnerships.

  • Kristina Sauter

    Vice President of Client Services

    Kristina has over 15 years of integrated marketing experience in the pharmaceutical industry, in a career that has taken her from continuing medical education to advertising and communications. In that time she has taken on progressive roles in project and client services management. Her breadth of experience across various therapeutic categories and brand lifecycles has given her a unique understanding of client needs. Leading the client services team at INVIVO, Kristina is dedicated to delivering innovative digital solutions while building lasting relationships.

Our Team

Our capacity for understanding complex medical concepts, products and processes is built upon a foundation in science – most of our employees have a science background, including a healthy contingent of graduates from the Biomedical Communications (BMC) Master's program offered by the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto.

Our Partners

Our Clients

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