Action potentials travel along myelinated axons of multipolar neurons floating within a neural environment.


INVIVO Virtual Reality in Prospect Magazine

Bloodstream VR, coming soon from INVIVO...

A section of incorrect DNA showing


Cannot Unsee: The Curse of Biomedical QA

What’s wrong with this picture? Quality assurance, or QA, is a job...

Hands hard at work on an animation storyboard; stylized science objects appear in the background.


Recommended Dosage: selections from our Design Team

Every few weeks our design department curates a selection of inspirational...

The jelly-like ubiquitin-proteasome proteins bind onto a protein destined for destruction, forming a complex within a non-descript ominous foggy background.


Digital Health Caught in the SciArt Tweet Storm

This week, the Scientific American blog Symbiartic (“the science of art and...

A spoon full of chilli at the annual Second Harvest Chilli Cook-off.


Hot February: Chili Cook-Off to Support Second Harvest

For the second year running, our team of INVIVIAC chefs rallied to create...

A collection of scientific objects, including ceramic organs, an atom and an Erlenmeyer flask, dressed in a Christmas motif.


Happy Holidays from INVIVO

This holiday season, INVIVO is proud to contribute to Children of Hope Uganda,...

Silver and gold award statues lining the shelf of one of INVIVO’s boardrooms.


Making Our Mark: Recent Awards

It’s been a busy summer, and we’re thrilled to announce some awards about...