A single enveloped filamentous ebola virus curls and floats amongst a non-descript clean background.


Animating Ebola

Key frame of the Ebola virus, by INVIVO....

Action potentials travel along myelinated axons of multipolar neurons floating within a neural environment.


INVIVO Virtual Reality in Prospect Magazine

Bloodstream VR, coming soon from INVIVO...

A section of incorrect DNA showing


Cannot Unsee: The Curse of Biomedical QA

What’s wrong with this picture? Quality assurance, or QA, is a job...

Hands hard at work on an animation storyboard; stylized science objects appear in the background.


Recommended Dosage: selections from our Design Team

Every few weeks our design department curates a selection of inspirational...

The jelly-like ubiquitin-proteasome proteins bind onto a protein destined for destruction, forming a complex within a non-descript ominous foggy background.


Digital Health Caught in the SciArt Tweet Storm

This week, the Scientific American blog Symbiartic (“the science of art and...