What a year it’s been for the animation team here at INVIVO. So many new projects, new challenges, new changes within and without. We’ve grown too; talented new animators have joined our team while we wait patiently for an old friend to return. How do we reflect these changes?

As we looked through all the animation we’ve completed over the last year and a half, we collected around 80 new sequences to pick from… not a bad problem to have, right? We narrowed these down to the 22 sequences that you can see on this year’s Medical Animation reel – all picked not only for their beauty or technical competency, but also because they reflect everything that we do: from immersive cellular landscapes to hyper-realistic surgical devices, from sophisticated infographics to fully interactive 3D apps. We even did some comic books along the way, because that’s what the project called for. These clips also reflect who we are: work from everyone on the team has been included in this reel. We’re a family and we’re proud of each other and the work we create.

So, go ahead. Come with us into a strange yet mesmerizing world, more complex and beautiful than anything you could imagine.  Where proteins ricochet, repel and embrace, surface receptors discharge their signals down into the murky nucleus within, fate determined by a fleeting molecular kiss. Complex pharmaceutical delivery systems release life-altering medications, chromosomes are heaved around in an impossibly chaotic dance as a cell prepares to divide. See blood cells captured in a spider-web of filaments, forming the delicate balance of a blood clot that can determine life or death. Pills, pipettes, insulin pumps and proteosomes. Proteins are born. Cells are destroyed. There’s disease and there’s health.

This is how we see the world. We are INVIVO.

Visit our Vimeo Channel or our YouTube Channel for more beautiful medical animation from INVIVO.