The Coronavirus Explorer is an interactive model of the SARS-CoV-2 virus created for anyone who wants to explore its biological structure in a whole new way. This application for the Microsoft HoloLens 2 includes the coronavirus surface proteins, a cutaway view of the RNA inside its shell and scientific references used in the creation of this tool.

INVIVO Communications has created this first version of the Coronavirus Explorer for general education and as an additional tool for researchers to use in the search for a vaccine. If you have any suggestions on new features to include in the next version or how we can improve the current build to help further your research and development, please contact us at

If mixed reality is new to you, or you want to learn more about the difference between AR, VR, and MR, please read our recent post In Your Field of View: The HoloLens 2 for more insights into how INVIVO is leading the way with compelling forms of remote communication.

“Research institutions are beginning to use the HoloLens to visualize and validate potential drug candidates.  In the race to find a vaccine for the Coronavirus, we created this tool in the hope that it could help with that R&D process. We look forward to feedback and suggestions on the next build as we’re committed to doing whatever we can with our skill set in scientific visualization to help the research community.”

-Andrea Bielecki, President of INVIVO Communications

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