MM&M title card about INVIVO.

The past year we have taken great strides, and we’re proud to announce we have been named in MM&M Magazine’s Top 100 Agency issue for the 7th consecutive year. As we look back we recognize the goals we achieved; from continued partnerships and new client engagements to stunning new innovations in biomedical communication; we have set ourselves apart as a new breed of digital scientific communications agency.

Our growth mindset saw success across many aspects of the business, and we would like to highlight a few:

  • Strategy and Consulting– by focusing on what differentiates us as an agency, we secured new strategic client partnerships. By bringing insights and value at the planning stage, we’ve cemented our offering as an innovative end-to-end partner in medical affairs
  • eLearning– expanding the breadth of our digital learning services included a global training program that featured 62 different eLearning modules for Sanofi Genzyme.  This was an exciting challenge that the INVIVO team embraced with open arms;  
  • Mixed Reality– our thought leadership in immersive experiences continued, notably through our Microsoft Mixed Reality Partnership and our Coronavirus Explorer; a HoloLens 2 experience;
  • Remote work– COVID-19 has created unprecedented times in our industry, and as digital experts we rose to the occasion to educate and help our clients transition to virtual engagement strategies, providing our award-winning solutions to meet their business objectives.

As the challenges of 2020 have accelerated the need for trusted, digital expertise, our 20 year history of success positions us to continue meeting our clients’ needs through 2021 and beyond.

That INVIVO has received a series of go-aheads amid the COVID pandemic speaks not only to pharma’s appetite for innovation but also to the agency’s unique ability to leverage technology in clever and appealing ways. “It’s our vision to transform medical affairs for the digital age,” says SVP, client services Kristina Sauter. She points to mixed reality applications, data visualization tools and e-learning efforts as the types of projects on which INVIVO excels.
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This year, in addition to highlighting capabilities and business news, MM&M has asked each agency to re-create an album cover in a way that represents their identity.

A blue-green cell leaves a trail while carving a path through parallel black and white lines, creating waves. Our album cover, “INVIVO – MAKING WAVES”.

“We were inspired by the album artwork for Tame Impala’s Currents, created by designer Robert Beatty,” said Peter Henderson, Sr. Director, Design, “With the transformative year we just had at INVIVO, the concept of “disrupting spaces” really resonated with what we wanted to express. In this sense we felt Making Waves was an appropriate title, representing INVIVO as the cell, forging new pathways in the SciComm landscape.”

We’re honored to have been chosen again this year, and the credit goes to our clients for their vision and collaboration and to our passionate team whose creativity and agility has set the bar for success.

Out heartfelt thanks to MM&M magazine for their recognition.

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