INVIVO CEO Andrea Bielecki with arms parallel in the Each for Equal pose. #EachForEqual. This is the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day and it’s a time for me to reflect and think about what being a woman means as CEO of INVIVO Communications, as a citizen of a vibrant community, as a family member, and as a role model for my girls.

Of course, each of us should do what we can to be for equality, to level playing fields, to lift people up and make space for new voices. The team here at INVIVO excels in that, and we’ve fostered a culture of collaboration for everyone in our space. It’s something that means a lot to me personally and professionally.

Being able to bring your best self to work means having a culture that respects your life’s journey and experiences and that matters regardless of your cultural background, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Leaders emerge, creativity thrives, and collaboration drives success when diversity in the workplace is upheld as a cultural value.

To me, proclaiming to be Each For Equal isn’t a stance. It’s not enough to nod and agree around the table we should all be for equality. Creating spaces for marginalized, new and different voices requires perpetual force. As a leader and as a woman, I take this seriously and want to enable this sense of responsibility in everyone on our team.

To me, being #EachForEqual isn’t about a passive stance, it’s about vigorous movement forward.

Andrea Bielecki, CEO INVIVO Communications

Sunday, March 8th 2020 is recognized as International Women’s Day, and the INVIVO team is striking the “equal sign” pose, and sharing what #EachForEqual means for us.

Ripika at work, in the equal sign pose arms parallel to each other.

“Each for equal for me means: holding space for another person – willing to walk alongside another person in their journey without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact their outcome.”
Ripika Kapoor, Senior Account Supervisor

Sarah, in the arms-parallel Each for Equal pose.

“Each for Equal is an important sentiment; it means that despite your privilege, your status, your place in the world, you are working to make sure that everyone has a voice. It’s not just the loudest in the room, it’s those who struggle to be heard that we must lift up and make visible.”
Sarah Collins, Project Manager

Christina, in the arms-parallel Each for Equal pose.

“To me, #EachforEqual means mutually supporting others’ success and lifting each other up regardless of gender. 😊”
Christina Fung, Interactive Media Developer

Neda, in the arms-parallel Each for Equal pose.

“We can help create a safe space for growth by fighting the stereotype of seeing vulnerability as a weakness. We should be there for each other in times of vulnerability, make each other feel safe, supported and strong again by reminding them that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes! This is how we can all participate in creating a safe space for everyone around us to grow. #EachForEqual.”
Neda Tamannaee, Operations Analyst

Felix, in the arms-parallel Each for Equal pose.

“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” –Sheryl Sandberg.
“This quote resonates particularly with me on a day where we are celebrating women and the community that works so hard to challenge the status quo.”
Felix Lau, Finance Manager

Quote: “Every decade of life brings its own wisdom and insights to any challenge or issue. Every age, be it 21 or 51, has a voice and offers a different lens. Every age deserves to be respectfully heard, with their voice offered equal value.” –Bonnie Kuehl, VP of Medical Content

Avesta, in the arms-parallel Each for Equal pose.

“Innovation depends on ideas, not gender.”
Avesta Rastan, Creative Innovation Associate

Amal, in the arms-parallel Each for Equal pose.

“#EachforEqual means diversity; ensuring space and access for diverse perspectives – that is the true value of collaboration!”
Amal Abuzgaya, Account Director

The AD team by the INVIVO sign.

“Being there for each other as leaders and equals.”
Kristina Sauter, SVP of Client Services with members of the Account Director team