“Over the last year, our animation team explored a number of new styles and visual treatments as a way of ensuring that our work continues to stand out. I think that our newest animation reel captures this variation beautifully – allowing each animator an opportunity to showcase their talents and contributions within the team.”

Kevin Millar, SVP of Creative & Medical Science

Our team is excited to share our latest Medical Animation Reel, highlighting some of the work we’ve produced over the last year. From realistic 3D medical animation, to exploration of styles like cel shading and paper craft, our animation team continues to be on the cutting edge. Visuals that offer clarity of scientific content are just as important as visuals that inspire. This is the future of medical communication.

“So proud of the team and all the amazing work they’ve been able to create recently, especially given the new circumstances we’re all dealing with,” said Craig Cook, VP of Production, “They’ve been able to pivot and not miss a beat while working remotely. This compilation demonstrates their creativity, passion, ingenuity, and desire to innovate in order to accelerate learning and improve health.”

With over 20 years of experience in medical animation, we’re confident we can bring your science to life to educate and inspire your audience.

Learn more about our work with our case studies, and watch more INVIVO animations on Vimeo.