That’s how INVIVO president Andrea Bielecki opened her talk at SCInnovation: Where Science Meets Innovation to an audience of grade 8 students.

SCInnovation is an event to inspire high school students to stay in science. The day had a packed agenda, including the SCInnovation Challenge, keynote by CBC journalist and author Amanda Lang and a presentation by the Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation, Reza Moridi. Innovators from across Ontario were on hand to speak and guide the students not only in problem-solving, but also to help them consider where they could find resources for problems they could not yet solve.


Andrea suggested students continue studying science to keep that door open. With an academic trajectory that seemed poised to enter into a medical practice, Andrea now guides our team in creating award winning digital solutions for the healthcare industry.  It’s hard to guess what new careers will exist in another 10 years, and the critical thinking skills and sense of exploration that studying science can imbue can help young people entering the job market find their niche. A background in STEM or STEAM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) can even lead young people to create a new niche altogether. Andrea also shared a list of opportunities we’ve had here at INVIVO the past year that were not a part of the industry when our agency began in the late 90’s. I can say the same is true for me, here, writing this blog. I never imagined a career writing for Scientific American about art + science and blogging for an agency involved in health marketing and technology. The world is changing quickly, and an information economy rests on innovations in design as much as on research.

After reviewing some of our Work, from surgical simulations to help train doctors to our educational gaming division Spongelab, Andrea participated in judging one-minute pitches from the students.

“I was really impressed with the innovative ideas that the students came up with.  Ideas that included crowd funding and social media campaigns –the future looks bright for Ontario!”

Investment in the future matters and for students that means investing in their own futures by not closing the door on science. As Andrea shared with the students, in the words of Albert Einstein,

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

SCInnovation Day @ MaRS was presented by CGC Educational Communications in partnership with the Economic Club of Canada and MaRS Discovery District.

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