The healthcare convention marketing landscape is one that presents our some great challenges, which when overcome, can provide richly rewarding results.

The most valuable interactions that great healthcare conference booth designs foster are the ones between company representatives and the HCP. Even the most intuitive digital tactics benefit from the guidance and commentary supplied by representatives, who form the bridge between the tactics and the company’s strategic imperatives—whether on the commercial or medical affairs side of the booth.

The gravity of these combined challenges transforms convention marketing into a space where near perfection is not only expected but relied upon to engage with healthcare professionals. The goal is to communicate highly scientific, easily understood meaningful stories so that the information is retained within an amazingly short amount of time.

In our latest article published in PM360 Magazine, “Convention Marketing: Delight and Engage HCPs”, we share our insights on how to create better booth experiences and provide insights into how to offer unique immersive experiences.

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