“INVIVO was born as a digital agency. We never felt we had to follow the traditional agency path.”

The new issue of Advantage Magazine is out, and in it our president Andrea Bielecki talks about INVIVO’s history and the rise of digital health media.

Advantage magazine is, “a publication for executives that highlights Canada’s top leaders and innovators. Spotlighting some of the most forward-thinking and fastest-growing companies in the country, the magazine profiles the alliances and operational strategies that have allowed business leaders to grow and excel in their respective industries.”

Andrea, from the article:

“INVIVO’s innovation is driven by collaboration. And I learned very quickly that innovative success comes from people who are much smarter than I am; not only in science and art, but also in technology and human-computer interaction. I challenge them and they in-turn challenge me through their vision, teamwork, and collective brilliance.”

From the team: thanks Andrea!

Photo credit: Advantage Magazine

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