Last summer we held the 4th Annual INVIVO Island Fun Day, and ended a day of games, sun and good times with everyone getting a t-shirt, followed by taking a giant group photo with our internal anatomy on display. Little did we know where they would go from there.


The team sporting the anatomy shirts last summer, on Island Fun Day.

The shirt graphic was designed by stalwart INVIVO animator and illustrator Vitaly, who employed a type of contextual realism to the design. While the major organs are painted in a realistic manner, the skeleton is depicted in simple, accurate inked lines. A lot of the work medical illustrators do is editing the visual chaos of internal anatomy into a form that’s accurate but also conveys clear information.

invivo-tee-designThe INVIVO tee design.

So where have our INVIVIACs appeared in the tee?


Our President, Andrea Bielecki sporting Google Glass while in Switzerland.


Tara with our mini-booth in Philadelphia.


Roman, freezing on the Martial Glacier hike in Patagonia.


Jozef and his bees at the Toronto Brickworks.


Blair all kilted up for the Highland Games.


Vanessa took the INVIVO tee to new heights…


…And landed safe and sound.


A rare sighting of the elusive INVIVIAC unicorn at ADC/GDC Next this year.

Where will they turn up next?